Let me just swoon a bit..

This is an older installation-in-progress of Swoon and Monica Canilao, which I found out from this Fecal Face blog. It’s from 2008 but is still super fresh.

Also… I found someone who may be into Tetris more than me.

that was work from Michael Johansson, the Swedish artist that I would love have my furniture designed from. A kitchen-object-kitchen table? Made of blenders and tupperware? Yes please!

and some more tetris-inspired works…

These works are by Takayuki Nakazawa and Hiroshi Manaka– I’m digging the tightly-packed DVDs in the tightly-packed spaces. Just… pure eye candy.

and…. eat your heart out, lakers fans. meet mark bradford

It’s been a little too long, cloud juicees– anyone wanting an orange-and-cumulous smoothie, let’s get together and share some more images to look at!

Yes yes yall,


2 Responses to “Swoooooooon”

  1. gabriela Says:

    I can never get enough Swoon. Ever. I love that Swedish artists work too, I like that he made an art out of inconvenient storage. Love it all.

  2. gabriela Says:

    P.S. Yes. (to smoothie date)

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