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Bob and Roberta Smith, singular.


Bob and Roberta Smith is a one man show.  Him and his sister Roberta used to collaborate, but she has since dropped from the duo.  Despite that, Bob Smith (who is by birth  Patrick Brill) chose to keep the double name.  This British artist does just about everything.

Last fall Bob and Roberta Smith installed a show at The Factory Outlet in London.  Check out this Art Review interview with the artist.

And some work:

Bicycle powered tree at the Tate Modern, 2208

He is also in a Band named “The Apathy Band“, you can see their videos and listen to their jams on MySpace.

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Let me just swoon a bit..

This is an older installation-in-progress of Swoon and Monica Canilao, which I found out from this Fecal Face blog. It’s from 2008 but is still super fresh.

Also… I found someone who may be into Tetris more than me.

that was work from Michael Johansson, the Swedish artist that I would love have my furniture designed from. A kitchen-object-kitchen table? Made of blenders and tupperware? Yes please!

and some more tetris-inspired works…

These works are by Takayuki Nakazawa and Hiroshi Manaka– I’m digging the tightly-packed DVDs in the tightly-packed spaces. Just… pure eye candy.

and…. eat your heart out, lakers fans. meet mark bradford

It’s been a little too long, cloud juicees– anyone wanting an orange-and-cumulous smoothie, let’s get together and share some more images to look at!

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