self portrait, 4,7,15-17

As an ongoing project, a conceptual artist from Uruguay is developing his own style of self portraiture.

For this series, Alejandro Cesarco is developing a book index to an autobiography of himself that doesn’t exist – yet.  Now, isn’t that a clever concept?

index of a book I haven’t yet written and most probably never will. A container that becomes its own content. The index is half way biographical and half way theory text; it is extremely personal, at times even hermetic, yet full of clichés. A-Z in 12 pages, digital c-prints, 20 x 16 inches ea., 2000

An index is like the guts of a book, the nitty gritty of everything that book can offer you.  I like the idea of breaking up every aspect of your life into: categories, subcategories and really really small categories, with the anticipation that someone would flip to the back of your autobiography searching for that one specific little detail about you.

Cesarco’s use of an index format to create self portraits offers the viewer the chance to learn about the artist in a very objective, matter of fact way.  But is he really being straightforward?  Maybe the work  just gives that impression because we are looking at text rather than images.  But without a context, in this case, an actual book, the audience is left to assume how the word is being used or is relevant to the artist.  In the end, our idea of Cesarco is no less cloudy, and our assumptions aren’t any more resolved.  But, I don’t mind one bit.

Another work by Cesarco, click here to visit his website:

the ramones (an autobiography) song list, organized in chronological order, of every ramones song that begins with the pronoun I. digital c-print , 40 x 30 inches, 2008

I’m really excited about seeing this artists work first hand and hearing him speak about his process.  There will be a dialogue on January 14.2010 at Artpace.  Hope to see you there!




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